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EpicOne now available in Purple!

EpicOne™ Dental Face Shield
for loupes and lights.


3 inches of room, flips-up,
and very comfortable

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Learn about the
EpicOne™ Dental Face Shield


Why our products are better
than others!

  • We provide up to three inches of space for your loupes and lights. More than any other shield.

  • The shield flips-up for easy adjustment of your equipment.

  • Our visor plastic sheets are made of clear eco-friendly PETg, an FDA and USDA approved polymer for use in medical devices. It can withstand ethylene oxide, electron beam, and gamma ray sterilization. PETg is less brittle and more pliable than other clear materials including acrylic.

  • Our visor does not fog!

  • And it's 100% recyclable.

  • We use comfortable, replaceable, foam headband liners so no plastic touches, dents, or scratches your face.

  • Our back straps are made of two 10 inch pieces of Velcro which do not bind like elastic bands and are completely adjustable. They are designed to fit all hat sizes.

  • We provide complete forehead protection with a forehead sheet and frame cover. 

  • Our shields are completely cleanable and reuseable.



  • I have been wearing the face shield for several weeks in the dental clinic now, and I absolutely love it! It is extremely comfortable, but the best part is that I am no longer fogging up when saddled with the N-95, Loupes, and shield in combination. I feel protected and have complete visibility!  I am very happy!
    Dr. C Haenel

  • These shields are excellent! No problem wearing them over loupes. Easy to flip up the shield to adjust your loupes and light if needed. The shield is very sturdy and easy to clean. The visibility through the mask is very clear with no distortion. Made in America!
    Dr. B Carter, DMD


  • Fog has always been my worst enemy when it comes to shields. I struggled with this problem for over a year before I discovered this brand. I have now been wearing the shields for a month and it has not fogged up once. It has been a life saver! The shield is lightweight but sturdy. It is also very scratch resistant.  Highly recommend this product!”
    Ms. Bowen, dental hygiene student

  • Love your face shield. It’s by far the most crystal-clear material and comfortable, Dr. Brown, DDS

  • My patient care during the COVID pandemic has been facilitated so much by your face shield,
    Dr Dunwoody, DDS

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